Saturday, March 18, 2006

SMB Madness

It’s been my 2nd time to be with the so called "SMB (Saturday Morning Beer) Drinker Society" of PODD Corp and I enjoyed it a lot.

Early morning yesterday the gang hit to the karaoke bar again and same as last week, we were the 1st customer in house but this time I think no one got wasted (Or maybe there's one but not that worse) however the tipsy feeling was still there. We started to rock the world as early as 6am, could you imagine that? Hehehe. Well, we need to unwind from work and that's how we do it. Don't blame us!

That time a lot of popular songs was remarkably sung and there were some that's also murdered (wink*) our apology to the artists and song writers. The crowd gets wilder as the rounds of beers passed along our path, infact there were even some who dance on the stage outside the sound room. If you’re outside the said room you can loudly hear our voices no wonder why I don’t see other customer on site, maybe we’re a lousy singer but nah who cares! To add, the never ending teasing of the “love team” never ended also and some actions were even caught on camera (kudos to EO, what a nice shot you got there).

There’s still lot of things to tell but some details slipped out my mind maybe its because of the alcohol so to cut the story short, the karaoke marathon ended around 11am and boy that was fun. Hope we have another time like this again.

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