Sunday, January 01, 2012

Chestita nova godina 2012

Chestita nova godina 2012 and project 365 game on! ;) In despite of all extreme efforts, no one can completely change what they are. So don't you sweat it, just take it slow. Happy New Year to all!!

I'm not really into superstitions but let's see what the mighty dragon brought for cancers like me this year.. 

CANCER: You will have to exert your will if you want to get things accomplished. Put a little extra muscle behind your every move and you will make a convincing argument that will help raise the support you need to achieve your goals. Change will be inevitable, and the sooner you accept and move on, the easier it will be to get your own plans up and running. Live life and be a participant, not a spectator.

Love: Use your imagination. Routine will not suffice.

Money: Invest in you, your surroundings and your future.

Health: Discipline will help you stay in shape.


Yanskie said...

Chestita Nova Godina, Sir! :)

Robert Allan Martinez said...

chestita ina teb Yanskie! :)