Saturday, January 07, 2012

supernatural beer being

Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer after a long work week, the only problem is with too much beer you may transform from either one of these green creatures. Hell yah!! but we have to eliminate the work virus at some point or another. I bet you agree ;)

There is a dangerous virus going around. It is called WORK. If you receive WORK from your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else, via e-mail or any other means, DO NOT TOUCH IT! This virus wipes out your private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK, put on your jacket, take two good friends and go straight to the nearest pub. Order the antidote known as BEER. Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

Forward this warning immediately to at least 5 friends. Should you realize that you do not have 5 friends, this means that you are already infected and that WORK already controls your life.


"Everybody should believe in something -- I believe I'll have another drink." - Unknown

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Yanskie said...

I've always find these drawings interesting but it never occur to me that if you take a closer look , they actually do look like drunk people! :)))